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YSTERPERD TERT is 'n pop rock duo, consisting out of Judith Kea 
(Award winning vocalist, singer and songwriter) and Nathaniel 
Ramsden (Lead guitarist, singer and songwriter) YSTERPERD TERT Duo collaborated their styles, talents and created an all new repertoire out of cover hits from the 80's, Glam Rock, the Pop/Club scene, as well as Original Content.


YSTERPERD TERT may be the new kid on the block - yet was 
nominated in 3 categories in the Afri-Indie onafhanklike Musiek 
Toekennings 2022 as :
Best Pop/Rock Duo Act 
Best Duo Rock Single 
Best Rock Music Video 


YSTERPERD TERT took home 2 out of the 3 awards!
Best Pop Rock Duo Act and Best Duo Rock Single - 'Praat met my'
The Pop/Rock Duo made such waves in the entertainment industry;
The NET Afrikaans streaming Network teamed up with YSTERPERD TERT and the first episode of YPT Season 1 will be aired exclusive on NET Afrikaans. 

Ysterperd Tert

Ysterperd Tert

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Judith Kea 


Before forming the Pop/Rock Duo, Judith Kea was already an established artist in the Afrikaans music industry, having released a solo album as Singer and Songwriter of the album 'Dink Twee Keer' she climbed the charts of local and international radio stations. 

Her Lacy J. Delton Cover 'Black Coffee' jumped to no 1 on the 102.2fm Country top 10 in just 3 weeks.  Judith was awarded by the Afri-Indie Onafhanklike Kunstenaars toekennings in 2021 for Best Female Solo Album for her 'Dink Twee keer' Album - Consisting out of 10 original Afrikaans songs and tone set by Judith herself. 

Judith is a rocker by heart and is well known in the Motorcycle community.  No stranger in the music scene, Judith toured worldwide, representing South Africa in the ARTS in Orlando, United States of America, performing in Taiwan and local festivals in and around South Africa.  From the stage to the studio, from the studio to television, what's next on this rocker's agenda...?

Nathaniel Ramsden 

A singer and songwriter Nathaniel plays multiple instruments fluently. 

Nathaniel studied music at Campus of Performing Arts, he was born with a natural talent.  Nathaniel started hitting drums at the tender age of 4 years old.   He played in the church band until the age of 10, when he was approached by local bands touring throughout South Africa. 

Before forming the band YSTERPERD TERT Nathaniel was juggling shows as a member of multiple bands and is now the Lead Guitarist for YSTERPERD TERT as the Lead Guitar is where his passion lies.
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